SGGSAng 162Raag GauriMahalla 311 linesGuru Amar Das Ji

mhlw 3 gauVI bYrwgix ]

aucwrx mh`lw qIjw gauVI bY-rwgix

mehalaa 3 gourree bairaagan ||

Third Mehl, Gauree Bairaagan:

jYsI DrqI aUpir myGulw brsqu hY ikAw DrqI mDy pwxI nwhI ]

aucwrx br-squ; m`Dy

jaisee dhharathee ooparimaeghulaa barasath hai kiaa dhharathee madhhae paanee naahee ||

The clouds pour their rain down upon the earth, but isn't there water within the earth as well?

jYsy DrqI mDy pwxI prgwisAw ibnu pgw vrsq iPrwhI ]1]

aucwrx m`Dy; p`gw; vr-sq

jaisae dhharathee madhhae paanee paragaasiaa bin pagaa varasath firaahee ||1||

Water is contained within the earth; without feet, the clouds run around and let down their rain. ||1||

bwbw qUµ AYsy Brmu cukwhI ]

baabaa thoon aisae bharam chukaahee ||

O Baba, get rid of your doubts like this.

jo ikCu krqu hY soeI koeI hY ry qYsy jwie smwhI ]1] rhwau ]

jo kishh karath hai soee koee hai rae thaisae jaae samaahee ||1|| rehaao ||

As you act, so shall you become, and so you shall go and mingle. ||1||Pause||

iesqrI purK hoie kY ikAw Eie krm kmwhI ]

eisatharee purakh hoe kai kiaa oue karam kamaahee ||

As woman or man, what can anyone do?

nwnw rUp sdw hih qyry quJ hI mwih smwhI ]2]

aucwrx nwnw: pihlw 'n' Bwrw krky

naanaa roop sadhaa hehi thaerae thujh hee maahi samaahee ||2||

The many and various forms are always Yours, O Lord; they shall merge again into You. ||2||

ieqny jnm BUil pry sy jw pwieAw qw BUly nwhI ]

eithanae janam bhool parae sae jaa paaeiaa thaa bhoolae naahee ||

In countless incarnations, I went astray. Now that I have found You, I shall no longer wander.

jw kw kwrju soeI pru jwxY jy gur kY sbid smwhI ]3]

jaa kaa kaaraj soee par jaanai jae gur kai sabadh samaahee ||3||

It is His work; those who are absorbed in the Word of the Guru's Shabad come to know it well. ||3||

qyrw sbdu qUµhY hih Awpy Brmu khw hI ]

thaeraa sabadh thoonhai hehi aapae bharam kehaahee ||

The Shabad is Yours; You are Yourself. Where is there any doubt?

nwnk qqu qq isau imilAw punrip jnim n AwhI ]4]1]15]35]

naanak thath thath sio miliaa punarap janam n aahee ||4||1||15||35||

O Nanak, one whose essence is merged with the Lord's essence does not have to enter the cycle of reincarnation again. ||4||1||15||35||